Introducing the Belay App

An innovative and simple way to manage your child’s food allergies and confidently share important information with your network of caregivers.

  • Caregivers never have to download an app!

    when he goes on a playdate...

    When you drop your child off, caregivers can become experts on how to prevent an allergic reaction and will know how to protect him from dangerous foods.

  • when he’s at a birthday party...

    No cake? No problem. No child should ever feel left out at a birthday party. Now caregivers can be prepared to provide safe and yummy snacks for every child.

  • when she’s at a restaurant...

    No more menu anxiety. You can take comfort when your child is eating out by giving caregivers suggestions for how to order and speak to staff at restaurants.

  • or when something goes wrong...

    In an emergency situation, caregivers will know exactly what to do to keep your child safe.

  • WeBelay is an innovative and simple way to manage your child’s food allergies and confidently share important information with your network of caregivers.

    <p>WeBelay is an innovative and simple way to manage your child’s food allergies and confidently share important information with your network of caregivers.</p>

Download the Belay app now and start your integrated food allergy management today!

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our team

our team

We are passionate team of experts in food allergies, healthcare, pediatric medicine, design, and technology. We care about making a difference for children and families living with food allergies.


  • Dr. Abby Herzig

    Dr. Abby Herzig

    Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

    Dr. Abby Herzig developed her career around the drive to understand and help children in need. After receiving her doctorate degree in clinical psychology, she continued to study child development and parent-child mental health at NYU Medical Center and Columbia University. An extension of her work with children, Abby is actively involved with UNICEF, serving on the New York Steering committee for UNICEF’s NextGen. She has traveled to South East Asia and Africa visiting hospitals, schools, and orphanages, advising UNICEF on child development and proper interventions for children and families at risk. As a result of her global work with children, Abby was asked to join the Innovators Program at the world-renowned Sick Children’s Hospital in Toronto. Driven by her passion to help children, and a parent of a child with life-threatening food allergies, Abby was inspired to create Belay and find solutions for the unmet needs of children and families affected by the food-allergy epidemic.

  • Sam Herschkowitz, MD

    Sam Herschkowitz, MD

    Chairman and Co-Founder

    Since 1982, Samuel Herschkowitz, M.D. has been a known leader in the area of biotechnology, healthcare devices, and pharmaceutical development. Throughout his career, Sam has participated in the development and financing of many biotechnology innovations and the creation of early healthcare companies, as well as having an advisory role in more than 25 biotechnology and healthcare companies. As a parent of a teenager with severe food allergies, Sam has long been looking for meaningful solutions to help families manage this issue.

  • Josh Kornberg, MBA

    Josh Kornberg, MBA


    Josh was formerly President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board for a publicly-traded medical device company that focused on the design, manufacture, and market of cost-effective devices that enable minimal healthcare worker exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Previously, Josh also served as Chief Investment Officer of a national private equity firm and Director of a public real estate investment trust. Josh has implemented investment strategies for numerous operating companies and has led the origination and structuring of approximately $10 billion of deal value, including entity level and related financings. Currently, Josh serves as a director of Prospect Park Capital Corp., a publicly-traded private equity fund focused on investments within the healthcare and biotechnology sectors. Josh is also the father of a child with severe food allergies, and is passionate about helping families dealing with food allergies.

Creative Leadership

  • Deborah Adler

    Deborah Adler

    Creative Director

    Deborah Adler is a designer and entrepreneur who brings innovative ideas to market. Deborah uses design to delight people, solve problems, and change outcomes. At the core of her work is the desire to make people’s lives easier and safer, a standard she applies to new directions for products, branding, and information systems. Her work is in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and has been shown at the Cooper Hewitt as part of the National Design Triennial. She currently serves on the AIGA National Board of Directors.

  • Eric Freitag

    Eric Freitag

    Product Director

    Eric has more than 15 years of experience developing innovative products, including designing physical-digital ecosystems that deliver effective patient adherence platforms. Eric is a senior leader of creative competencies in strategy and prod­uct development, with expertise in the healthcare sector, as well as FDA regulatory requirements.

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